5 tips to help capture better photographs of your kids

Taking photos of my kids is what I consider my most important photography subject. I enjoy many types of photography, but capturing moments in my kids lives are what I will always cherish. For those once in a lifetime moments you will probably take a bad photo over no photo at all, but wouldn’t you rather have great photos of your kids? Here are some tips to capture those cherished moments.

1# – Get their “buy in”.

Some kids are automatic movie stars, but most are not. If you are like me, your kids think you are the paparazzi. That’s okay. If they just know, “oh there’s dad with the camera again”, then they will be more comfortable in front of the camera.  Try not to make your photography about taking photos.  Your photography should be able having fun with your kids and you also happen to be taking some photos.  Don’t force it, you photos will reflect it.

2# – Take things down to their level

If your kids are smaller than you then get down to their level. You should have lots of photos that were taken bending over, on your knee, or even taken while laying on your stomach. Taking photos at their level is less intimidating for them and generally creates a better composition.

3# – Prepare

Always prepare to capture your photos before actually taking them. You can prepare for posed as well as candid photos. If you think there is a possible photo opportunity coming up get you camera ready. Kids will not wait for you to get your camera out, adjust settings for the conditions, and then take several practice shots before the real photos begin. You can do all those things before you take your shots, even the candid ones.

4# – Be sneaky

Posed shots are great you will definitely want those, but don’t for get about the candid shots. Take photos of your kids when they are not looking. Get photos of them doing whatever it is they do and before they notice your holding your camera (remember to prepare before the shot).

5# – Learn your gear

Children move fast and there may not be a chance to get “that” shot again. Know your photography equipment. Do you know how to adjust the shutter speed? Do you know how to adjust your ISO? Full auto mode is fine, but you will get better photos if you control some aspects of your camera’s settings.